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The wearing of uniform is considered to be part of the College as agreed by the Governors and parents are asked to ensure that all students are dressed appropriately in the prescribed uniform.

For College Uniform queries call on 01572 823631.

(*) Available from College uniform supplier (for details of our suppliers please see at the bottom of the page)

UCC Uniform

The uniform listed below is compulsory for all students. Students arriving at school without correct uniform will incur a sanction in line with our behaviour policy. 

  • College Blazer 
  • College Tie (‚Äč*)
  • College Jumper – navy blue, v neck with UCC logo (burgundy option for Year 11)
  • Trousers – black school trousers – traditional worsted type (no denim, cord or cotton, no outer pockets) 

    OR Skirt – black, UCC school skirt only. Tights should be black, navy or nude. 

  • Shirts – white cotton or poly cotton with collar
  • Shoes/Boots - sensible black, polishable and with black laces (no trainers except for sport)

* Ties must be worn by all students in Year 7 from September 2023 onwards. Students already on roll at UCC (i.e. Y8-11) retain the previous uniform expectations, that ties are compulsory for boys and optional for girls.  

Physical Education Uniform

  • UCC Logo Tshirt (compulsory) (*)
  • Mid-Layer Zip Top (compulsory) (*)
  • Socks – either short white socks or navy football socks (*)
  • Minimum of one compulsory item from the list below:
  • Shorts – navy blue with sky panel (*)
  • Skort - navy blue with sky panel (*)
  • Leggings - navy blue (*)
  • Pro Track Pants - navy blue with sky panel (*)
  • Shin pads (Advised for sports such as football and hockey)
  • Gum Shields (Compulsory for Rugby games)
  • Footwear – Boots suitable for field and Astroturf use (moulded studs) & Trainers for indoor use (with light or non marking soles).


  • Jewellery - Jewellery – maximum of 2 simple studs per ear. No other forms of earrings are permitted. One small, subtle nose stud per person. No other body piercing. (Jewellery removed for PE).
  • Belts - optional and should be black with a simple buckle. 
  • Makeup - A small amount of subtle make up is permitted.
  • Nails - Students can paint their nails, but acrylic nails are not permitted.
  • Vests - T shirts worn under shirts should not be visible. Polo necks should not be worn.
  • Coats - plain and smart, no large logos or fashion “trimmings”. Designed for outdoor (waterproof) use. “Hoodies” are not to be worn. Coats can be worn to school but must be removed before entering form rooms at the start of the day.  Coats should always be removed before entering a classroom for learning.
  • Blazers- must be worn at all times during the school day. Staff will allow students to remove blazers in hot conditions and when required for practical work.
  • Hoodies - should be removed before the start of the school day, and must not be worn until the end of the school day.
  • Students will be issued with a 'Consequence' if they do not meet the UCC Expectations regarding uniform and this may result in a detention during the school day.

You may find this 'Trutex' size guide useful - please click on the link:

Uniform Stockists:

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