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Road Trip

Welcome to the UCC Great Road Trip Adventure, in association with Resilient Rutland and Boing Boing! 

What is it:

What better to do in the middle of lockdown but take a road trip across the world. A cultural opportunity without leaving the comfort of your home, well only a little bit. So, I had this great idea that I would plot a route from Uppingham all the way to Sydney, Australia and that I would take the trip with all my favourite people, the UCC community. Firstly, my apologies. I didn’t have my sat nav to hand and I’m rubbish at directions so the route is the most unlikely route you could ever imagine, but I do like a challenge.

I hope as many of you can join me as possible because whilst we are all isolated away from each other, I thought it would be fantastic if we all had a goal to aim for just to remind each other that we are still there for each other and that we can still work together.

How does it work:

We are travelling together across many different countries. Each country we reach there is an electronic postcard available for you to collect. Each postcard has a well selected Resilient Moves Menu, with some suggestions of activities to complete as a family or as an individual. Resilient moves are those small things we can do to allow us time to focus on ourselves and our own mental health and well-being. If you do take part in any of the activities, we hope you will share what you have been up to so we can put in on social media for our community. Details of how to do this will be on each postcard.

As well as an electronic postcard, there will be videos featuring some familiar faces updating you where we are on our journey and a fact sheet for each country which has links to all your favourite subjects.

All communication about our progress will be sent via Satchel: SMHW and uploaded on our social media.

Getting involved:

To make the road trip we need to log up the miles required. The trip has been measured (very roughly) from capital city to capital city, until we reach our destination. As a community we can get involved in adding to the required miles/km. All we ask is that each day you get some exercise in, you inform of us the number of miles/kilometres or even steps that you have travelled that day. This could come from a walk you take, a bike ride or maybe your daily step count. I know I will be adding all my daily walks and spin sessions.


Each day, you will receive a link to a form, via Satchel: SMHW, in the morning. At the end of each day, all you need to do is click the link and answer the questions. It should take you less than a minute. We are trying to collect daily totals so we can update you daily as to where we are on our journey. If you want to log anything you did over the weekend, then save your total up and add it to the form you get on a Monday morning. The great thing about the form is, once you have completed it, the rest of your family can use the same link to log their totals too. That way it becomes a whole school community project. There are already a lot of staff signed up ready to go!


Getting involved is entirely up to you, and how much you get involved is entirely up to you too. You don’t have to log something every day, especially of you are like me and enjoy the odd day on the sofa doing nothing. If you only want to log your distance each day but don’t want to try any of the menu then that’s fine. If you don’t want to get involved at all, that is equally ok, but we will still keep you updated and send you a postcard. I really hope as many of you contribute as much as you can though because we have a long way to travel, trust me, and I would really like to make it for the Australian Open which starts soon.

In this section of the website you will find all the postcards and fact sheets for our stop off destinations, as we make our way to Sydney, Australia! (See the menu on the right hand side)

Please remember to share any photos/write ups of any of the 'resilient moves' that you try from the postcards, we would love to see them.  Please email them to: 
Mr Rhodes or Mrs O'Brien