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Remote Learning

If you are unable to attend school because you are self-isolating, but you feel well enough to still complete work, then please see below for our remote learning guidance and provision.

From this page you will find resources by year group and subject area. Please visit your relevant year page and work through the subject area resources based on when you would have had those subjects on your timetable (you can find your timetable on Satchel:One and should refer to this). In this area of the website, you will also find extra tasks in the enrichment area which allows you to choose further areas of study which may interest you if you have any spare time. 

Teachers may also post specific instructions and resources relating to the lesson/s you are missing on Satchel:One. Therefore, you should ensure you are logged into this by 8.30 each morning to access any work. This might be live content via Teams or lesson power points/resources to work through. You should access the subjects as they appear on your timetable. If your teacher posts specific work for you on Satchel:One then this takes priority over the website tasks for that subject and you should do this work first, only accessing the website tasks if you have time.

Instructions on accessing Microsoft Teams and other online content can be found below.