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Religious Studies  


There are two parts to the course: 

1. Religion: peace and conflict  

  • Christian beliefs  

  • Crime and punishment  

  • Living the religious life  

  • Peace and conflict 

2. Religion and Ethics through Islam   

  • Beliefs  

  • Marriage and the family  

  • Living the religious life  

  • Matters of life and death 


The qualification encourages students to engage with a wide range of concepts and materials to enable them to interpret, contextualise and analyse the expressions of religions and worldviews they encounter with confidence. 


This subject is assessed by two examinations each 1 hour and 45 minutes.  There is no controlled assessment. 

Further Education and Career Opportunities 

GCSE Religious Studies is a useful stepping stone to further educational opportunities.  It is a relevant qualification for many careers such as medicine, law and order, media, personnel, community work and any career which involves working within a multi-cultural environment. 

To be successful on this course you should 

  • Be fascinated by the power of belief to influence almost every aspect of people’s lives 

  • Be able to understand and relate to people whose beliefs, values and viewpoints differ from your own 

  • Enjoy analysing and discussing controversial issues