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Prom and Yearbook

We are really keen that your Prom goes ahead! However, at this time it is really difficult to speculate about when that will be. We remain in communication with Barnsdale Lodge, our usual prom location. We will update you when we know more and of course any updates will be in line with the government’s guidance on social distancing and gatherings.

The yearbook is being compiled on:

You may remember that you started this on ACE day. You can edit your entries until May 20th. Guidance is also provided on SMHW

Can all students check the document below called 'What to check' even if you think you have completed your entry? This highlights some important checks to make so that your entries will not require editing / changing.

Please see more instructions attached at the bottom of the page, should you need them.

Editing Your Entry
Open the instructions below titled ‘Profile Guide’ and follow the instructions.

Forgotten Usernames or Passwords
Open the instructions below titled ‘Forgotten Passwords’ and follow the instructions

New Acccounts
If you have never created an account on allyearbooks, open the instructions below titled ‘No Account’ and follow the instructions.

Only use this set of instructions if you never had an account. Don't use it to create another account if you have forgotten your login / password.

Before you finish your profile have a read of the list of What to check document below.

Further Information and updates on pricing and how to order a copy will be available in coming weeks.

For assistance e-mail Mr English at: