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Marking Work

You may have noticed that we have introduced a revised way of marking and feeding back to students this term. The aim of this is to make it more clear to students what they are doing well and what they need to improve on. Students will routinely receive a ‘What Went Well (www.)’, and an ‘Even better If… (ebi.)’ comment on appropriate work. This may be classwork, homework or an assessment piece.

The chart below shows the marking symbols you should expect to see on your child’s work:
Self-assessed means that the work has been marked by the student using guidance given by the teacher, such as mark schemes or success criteria.
Peer-assessed means that the work has been marked by another student, again using guidance provided by the teacher. This has been shown to really improve students’ understanding of the work.
Verbally Assessed means that the teacher has provided verbal comments on the work, such as suggestions for improvements. This is more likely to be used in subjects where there is on-going project work, such as DT.