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GCSE Options

Introduction from Mr Solly:

The Key Stage 4 options process is extremely important as it is the first opportunity for you to plan your future by choosing the right curriculum for you to follow over the next 2 years.   In many cases the choices you make at this stage will have a direct effect on your future education and career pathway.   It is therefore essential that you consider all the information provided so you can make a fully informed decision.    

You should consider the subjects that provide you with the most enjoyment and which you find the most interesting. You should not select a subject because your friends are choosing it or because of a particular teacher. Whilst there may be a teacher that inspires you currently, there is no guarantee they will teach you in Key Stage 4. Instead, focus on the content of the curriculum in each subject, the requirements in each qualification and the future pathways each subject can lead onto.     

This is a very exciting stage in your educational journey. For the first time you are able to select the subjects you are most passionate about and therefore you must take the time to make a mature and responsible set of decisions.  Read the information that is provided in the options booklet, talk to your parents/carers and teachers and then think carefully about the appropriate choices for you. 

For any further queries about the process or Options in general, please email