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Self Isolation Work Packs

In the event that a student needs to self-isolate from school, our teachers have produced sets of work to cover at least 2 weeks of work in each subject. The tasks have been set so that students can work independently through them, without additional support.

The expectation is that students follow their usual timetable to ensure that they spend enough time on each subject. (They can access their timetable via Satchel: Show My Homework).

Students should carry out the work in their exercise books, on lined paper or printed sheets as appropriate. Students should bring in their completed work to hand to the teacher in their first lesson back in school.

They do not need to submit the work electronically. Teachers will still be teaching within school, so will be unable to reply to requests for assistance during the school day.

In the event that a whole year group need to self-isolate, please click here