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Information for Employers

We believe that meaningful encounters with employers can motivate and inspire students and help them to understand the world of work and how their learning in school is important and relevant.  We welcome all employers and providers and have many opportunities that you can be involved in.

Employers can help us in the following ways:

  • Offer work experience placement to Year 10 students which takes place during the summer term, usually at the beginning of July.

  • Support career events such as Enterprise Day for Year 9, The Real Game Experience for Year 8, post-16 evening for KS4, World of Work Day for Year 11.

  • Present to students about your career, career pathway and your specific job and role.

  • Notify us about any local apprenticeship opportunities you have available

Work Experience 

Every student in Year 10 is expected to take part in a work experience programme.  This is run during the summer term, with students then returning to college and taking part in a career’s day.  Work Experience is an excellent way for students to get experience within the workplace, explore industries, jobs, and roles, as well as network with employers.  There are many benefits to work experience which can have an aspirational impact on students.  The DfE report for work experience noted that ‘work experience can play a role in both a young person’s educational development, and the use they can make of this experience when planning for the future (including when applying for higher education and employment)’.

If you would like to find out more information about the programme, please contact Paul Rhodes at

We regularly inform our students about apprenticeship opportunities. Employers who would like us to advertise their apprenticeship should contact Paul Rhodes.