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These Geography resources are taken from a Geography textbook and a look at a chapter we have insufficient time to cover in lessons. It is, therefore, is of a standard and quality you would expect to receive in a normal lesson. Please attempt all questions. However, don't waste time on questions you are unsure of - move onto the next question/page. 

What was life like on the Western Front? 
Read page 10, 11 & 12. Complete John’s journey to the trenches activity on page 12. 
Read page 13, 14 & 15. Complete John’s life in the trenches activity on page 15. 
Read page 16 & 17. Complete John’s Going over the top activity page 17. 
Read page 18 & 19. Complete John’s Behind the lines activity page 19. 

For those students who are currently self-isolating, please complete the attached assessment task (Causes of the First World War Term 1). Try and complete this without the notes in your book, so have a good read through your class notes for 20 minutes first and then complete the knowledge test and answer the "Explain....."question. Write two, point, evidence, explain paragraphs.