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Home Learning

Welcome to the home learning section of our website, as well as putting ideas on social media we are putting them here for you as a bank of ideas.

These are all over and above the work being set on 'Show my Homework' and we aim to provide things that are a bit fun and different to fill some of your time at home:

Another amazing website to explore for all things Humanities whilst at home. The tour of Angkor Wat Temple, Swim through a coral reef and How does 1780s fashion influence fashion today?

Thanks to the Humanities team for sharing this excellent resource to improve your geographical knowledge during lockdown:

YouTube has some great lectures from the Royal Institution​​​​​​​

Thanks to Mr Jones for sharing these short Youtube 'Maths4Real' videos. Bringing maths to real life situations:​​​​​​​
1. Percentage Changes

2. Standard Form

3. Ratio & Proportion

4. Straight Line Graphs

5. Distance/Time Graphs

6. Pythagoras' Theorem

7. The Sine Ratio

8. Bearings

9. Questionnaires

10. Combined Probability

Get your history fix here!

You can stream Shakespeare filmed at The Globe!

Are you missing the arts? Let the arts come to you....You can stream live theatre every Thursday from the National Theatre:

You may be at home but it doesn't stop you visiting museums and art galleries around the world!

Wow! This is an incredible website... live webcams of nature around the world. Amazing!

Mr Jones has found some daily maths conundrums that you might like to challenge yourself with!

Some amazing history talks from a variety of military historians every Wednesday evening

For our KS3 students or for parents with younger children, let David Walliams take over at 11am each day!  Head here to hear David reading an audiobook every day.

As well as all the work that is being set on show my homework we are sure you may have more time to kill than usual so hope you manage to make use of some of the 'extras' we are sending out. The English team will be delighted if you've taken this opportunity to read a more diverse range of books. Here is a link Mr Solly sent through where you can get online access to some classic literature

If you want to mix up a bit of MFL with being creative then these links are perfect for you!