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Higher Level Individual Project

n recent years an increasing number of our most able students have taken an independent qualification alongside their other GCSEs. The Higher Level Individual Project has been built on a successful pilot and is 100% internally assessed. – there is no external exam. 

The Qualification can be taken at two levels: Level 2 Higher - equivalent to ½ GCSE and graded A*-C, or Level 3  Extended- equivalent to ½ GCE A Level and graded A*-E

We feel that by undertaking the project students will develop independent learning skills; improve oral and written communication skills; develop investigative skills; learn how to be a critical thinker and become confident in project management

The topic chosen can either be based on a current interest or area of study or something that the student would like to develop in the future.  It can take the form of a written report, a design, a presentation or an artefact.

In completing the project students are asked to produce a proposal form, a logbook and a written outcome of no more than 2,500 words in which they are asked to:

  • Choose a topic and write a rationale as to their choice
  • Write an action plan and time plan
  • Conduct both primary and secondary research – investigate at least 2 related areas
  • Analyse their research
  • Evaluate the project

These are some of the sample topics for report based projects:

  • Has the introduction of organic foods changed the way we shop and eat?
  • Explore the use of public transport in your local area – could it be improved?
  • Should children be forced to exercise?
  • Do food labels affect how people shop?

These are some of the sample topics for ‘artefact’ based projects:

  • Design and make a mask for a character in a play or film that is based on an animal or fantasy creature
  • Produce a range of coordinated surface pattern designs for use in a ‘themed’ restaurant
  • Take an existing everyday object and redesign it to make it more effective, marketable, attractive, fashionable, environmentally friendly, etc
  • Design and make the prototype for a mural panel, or piece of public sculpture that commemorates an event from local history

Over the last three years UCC students have enjoyed considerable success with projects such as:

  • A set design for Alice in Wonderland
  • Why is vintage fashion so popular?
  • A café design for community use in a new school
  • Are music videos more about product placement than the music?
  • Is airbrushing images right or wrong?
  • Should sports stars be used for advertising purpose?
  • How did Shostakovich’s music reflect the political tensions of the time?

Our students have enjoyed a 100% pass rate with 25% gaining A* grades and  a further 41%  gaining  A grade.