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GCSE Options

Key Stage 4 Curriculum overview

 “The framework for delivering the knowledge, understanding, skills and experiences that are essential to our students’ education at UCC and beyond”.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum at UCC

In KS4 UCC students study the core curriculum, plus four option subjects.

Students with middle and high prior attainment are encouraged to select the Ebacc pathway, so they have the opportunity to study ‘facilitating subjects’ up to GCSE, although this is not mandatory.

Please note:  All dual linguists are expected to study a language at GCSE

Please find the options booklet and options form that have been given to students attached at the bottom of this page

Department Subjects Hours per fortnight
Core Curriculum 
English English Language & Literature 8 hours


(GCSE Statistics, GCSE Further Maths for the most able)

7 hours
Triple Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics 12 hours
OR Double Science Core & Additional Science  
Physical Education Core Physical Education 3 hours
Students select 4 subjects from the following:
Maths GCSE Further Maths

All options

subjects receive

5 hours teaching

per fortnight.

  GCSE Statistics
Modern Foreign Languages GCSE French
  GCSE German
  GCSE Spanish
Humanities GCSE Geography
  GCSE History
  GCSE Religious Studies 
  GCSE Citizenship
Physical Education GCSE Physical Education
  Cambridge National Award Sports Studies
Design Technology GCSE Art
  GCSE Product Design
  GCSE Food & Nutrition
Computing GCSE Computer Science
Performing Arts GCSE Drama
  GCSE Music
Business Studies GCSE Business Studies
Total curriculum hours: 50 hours
Personal Development Personal, Social, Health, Sex & Relationships Education 40 minutes delivered in Form Time

For more information about up to date Careers advice please follow the link below to the National Careers Service;

The Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) Curriculum (Revised January 2015)

The curriculum for the 14-16 year olds is organised to meet the needs of students according to their age and abilities.

Students must follow a GCSE Course in:

Students must also follow a non-examination course in:

  • Careers, Enterprise and Work Related Curriculum

  • Health and Sex Education

  • Physical Education

  • Religious Education


At Key Stage 4, as well as studying the compulsory subjected listed above, students choose from a variety of options. We operate an options system which aims to give students as much freedom to choose as possible. Students can choose an applied course or choose 4 optional GCSE’s.

GCSE Courses:

Art & Design (GCSE)

AQA GCSE Art & Design (8201)

Drama (GCSE)

AQA GCSE Drama (8261)

Design and Technology (GCSE)


D & T

AQA GCSE Design and Technology (8552)

Food Preparation & Nutrition

GCSE (9-1) Food Preparation and Nutrition (3560)

Music (GCSE)

OCR Music (9-1) (J536)

Physical Education


Year 10 & Year 11

Cambridge National Cert (J813)


AQA GCSE Physical Education (8582)

Geography (GCSE)

OCR GCSE (9-1) Geography (J383)

History (GCSE)

OCR GCSE (9-1) History (J410)

Philosophy and Ethics (GCSE)

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies B (1RB0)

French (GCSE)

AQA GCSE French (8658)

Spanish (GCSE)

AQA GCSE Spanish (8698)

German (GCSE)

AQA GCSE German (8668)

Child Development

Cambridge National

Year 11

OCR Child Development Level 1/2 Certificate (J818)

Business Studies (GCSE)

OCR Business (9-1) (J204)

Computer Science (GCSE)

OCR GCSE - Computer Science (9-1) (J276)

Statistics (GCSE)

AQA GCSE Statistics (8382)

Further Maths (GCSE)

AQA Cert in Further Maths (8360)


At 16 students have a choice of going to Further Education colleges and 6th Form colleges in Oakham, Stamford, Corby, Leicester or Melton Mowbray. Almost 90% of students go on to Further Education and the remaining 10% go into training schemes, apprenticeships or employment.

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