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At Uppingham Community College we aim to create well-rounded individuals through a broad range of curriculum experiences where all areas of the curriculum are valued and promoted. All students receive a high quality and ambitious education which is planned and sequenced to help prepare them for future learning or employment.

Our curriculum provides a depth and breadth of knowledge to our students, deepening their understanding and allowing for skilful performance.

We define:

  • Knowledge as facts, information, concepts and key terminology.

  • Understanding as the ability to connect and synthesise knowledge within a context.

  • Skill as the successful application of knowledge and understanding to a specific task.

We believe knowledge and understanding form the building blocks for successful learning. Therefore knowledge and understanding is taught explicitly to students so they can apply them skilfully within a variety of contexts.

Key features of our high quality curriculum:

  • Clear subject intent which is reflected in the curriculum plan for each subject.

  • Ambitious and challenging.

  • Clear sequence of content which shows that progress is planned for.

  • Provides transferable knowledge needed for deeper understanding and skilful application.

  • Assessment has clear purpose and is deliberately planned to support learning.

  • Subject curriculum is regularly reviewed and evaluated.

We are committed to ensuring our curriculum is accessible for all students, including those with disabilities or SEND, complying with our duties in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Our approach focuses on Quality First Teaching for all students, with interventions in place as needed to ensure all can access a broad and balanced curriculum.