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Citizenship Studies


  • To stimulate learners 

  • To develop the skills and confidence to put knowledge into practice 

  • To explore topical and controversial issues and problems in society 

  • To take action to try to influence others and engage decision makers 


The course is delivered through discussion, research, and mass media.  We look at what is going on in the world today and discuss issues from the news, alongside the academic content.  Learners apply knowledge and understanding from the course to carry out actions to address an issue of concern in the school or their community. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the places we discuss such as parliament and the courts. Students will also get to meet those involved such as local councillors, members of parliament, magistrates and solicitors & EU representatives.  


There are three themes:

  1. Rights and responsibilities -Where do they come from and what happens when different people’s rights clash.  What are Laws and rules and how do we make them and use them 

  1. Democracy and government – Students will study the role of the government, what political parties stand for, how the media works and the role of money in society 

  1. UK & the wider world – In this unit students will look at the relationships the UK has with the wider world, the different identities in the UK, diversity and the impact of Brexit 


All assessment is at the end of Year 11 and will be marked on the new 9-1 grading system (9 is the top level).  The final GCSE is awarded from three exams.  

Exam one – multiple choice exam – all units – worth 25% - 50 marks 

Exam two – unit one and two – worth 50% - 100 marks 

Exam three – unit one and three - worth 25% - 50 marks 

Further Education and Career Opportunities 

It is difficult to think of a career where citizenship will not provide useful skills and knowledge.  It is a good foundation for further study of politics, government, law, economics and business studies and would be a good basis for any career in public service including the uniformed services. 

To be Successful on this Course you will 

  • Take an interest in what goes on in the world 

  • Enjoy discussion and small group based learning 

  • Be able to work on your own and with others on your own initiative