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Careers Guidance

To sustain a high-quality careers framework that is embedded across the college we work closely with a number of outside professionals and agencies:

Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partner

Melanie Papworth is our Local Enterprise Partner and visits the school half termly.  Melanie works with SLT to develop a stable careers programme in school through rigorous monitoring of the school offer, including our termly Compass Plus review.  Melanie links the school with our Enterprise Advisor, as well as many industry opportunities.  Melanie provides up to date and relevant information to help inform the offer in school.

Enterprise Advisor

Our Enterprise Advisor is Paul Fieldhouse.  Paul has connections to Rutland and has many years experience in developing and running businesses.  Paul has recently been working with departments in school to develop more opportunities for students to have meaningful face to face meetings with employers and to highlight the relevance between, school, learning and a future career.


Lifejigsaw is led by Cheryl McCarthy, an independent careers advisor.  Cheryl works closely with the school to help develop a stable careers programme, as well as providing individual personal guidance to students.  Cheryl also works in small group scenarios with our students from Year 9 onwards.


MyPath is a careers platform developed by Jamie Pywell.  The resources developed by for the website are free to access and we have embedded the use of these in our careers offer in school.  Jamie has also worked with us to develop our ‘Transferable Skills’ videos which are individual to each department in school.  These are used in Year 7 Careers in the Curriculum lessons.

Other Agencies:

We also work closely with local post-16 providers (FE, HE, training and apprenticeship), employers, businesses and the community to enhance our offering for students. We always welcome the opportunity to work with new providers and give them the opportunity to talk to pupils at the school.  Details of our Provider Access Policy can be found using this link.