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Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments

Access arrangements are ‘reasonable adjustments’ for students who have a disability or special educational need that significantly affects them in exams.


Access Arrangements

· Do not change the skill or knowledge being tested

· Must not give an unfair advantage, but….

· Do give a level playing field so that students can show their knowledge


There are a variety of access arrangements that can be provided, including:

· Support for reading ( e.g. computer reader, a reading pen)

· Support for writing (e.g. a word processor, a scribe)

· Support for working to time (e.g. 25% extra time, rest breaks)


Any arrangements that are used in exams are based on the student’s normal way of working in the classroom, in tests and in exams. Wherever possible access arrangements that enable a student to work independently are encouraged.


Evidence is needed for access arrangements and these need to be applied for and approved before they can be used in external exams. This sometimes means that testing needs to be carried out. Testing takes place in college. Strict rules must be followed so that the test scores can be used as evidence for access arrangements.


Please note; assessments that have been carried out without prior contact with the college or by an external professional with no established relationship to the college cannot be used for access arrangements.


We will always seek to work with students and parents to ensure the most appropriate outcome for all students.


Please contact the SENCo via if you have any concerns and we will be happy to advise you.