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Lateral Flow Testing

Please see some important information about Covid-19 testing below....

Lateral Flow Testing over the summer holiday and at the start of next academic year

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Over the summer holiday

There is no expectation from the DfE for students to continue testing over the summer holidays after your test this Friday, although you may wish to continue, particularly with the current situation of rising case numbers in our community. If you run out of tests, more kits can be obtained from local pharmacies etc or here.

At the start of the academic year

The current government recommendation is that all secondary school students should be tested twice at our Asymptomatic Test Site (ATS) via a lateral flow test when they return from the summer break. We can begin testing students no more than three working days before the start of term. This is the rationale for this approach as explained by the DfE:

We are asking schools and colleges to test all students at an on-site asymptomatic test site (ATS) on return following the summer holidays. This approach is based on the latest public health advice and will help us break chains of transmission in education settings after the summer holidays when students may have been mixing with lots of people. We know that on-site testing participation rates amongst students are much higher than when testing at home so this is the most effective way to identify as many positive cases as possible at the start of the autumn term

Our current plan (subject to changes from DfE during the coming weeks) is to test all students once before they return to UCC. This makes sense in terms of minimising the risk of transmission between students and staff as they return from the summer break and also helps to avoid disruption to the smooth start of term.

We are therefore asking all students to come into school just for a lateral flow test during the week before the start of term. The process will be very similar to the one we used in March, with a lateral flow testing site set up in the Drama Studio. Students will just come into school for their first test then return home. Students will be on site for between 20 and 30 minutes maximum.

The date and times for each tutor group are given below:

Time Wednesday August 25th
9.00-10.00 7AJW
10.00-11.00 7DJ
11.20-12.20 7JC
12.20- 1.20 7JLE
1.40 - 2.15 7LC
2.15-3.00 7RR


Time Thursday August 26th Friday August 27th
8.30-9.00 10ABr 8AL
9.00-9.30 10AJ 8CN
9.30-10.00 10JD 8DE
10.00-10.30 10RS 8JMH
10.30-11.00 10TLW (9SAB) 8KK
11.20-11.50 10EC (9ST) 8ZH
11.50-12.20 11FLB 9DL (8MS)
12.20-12.50 11JLB 9GK
12.50-1.20 11MI 9NH
1.40-2.00 11LR  9NS
2.00-2.30 11TF 9SJ
2.30-3.00 11ZF 9TM

The consent for testing you gave earlier in 2021 is still valid for this next round of tests, however, if you wish to withdraw your consent you are, of course, at liberty to do so. Please e-mail us at: only if you wish to withdraw consent.

We fully understand that you may have made plans for that week which mean you are unable to bring your child to school at that time. If you are unable to attend the test at the time given please e-mail to suggest an alternative date and time during that week or to confirm that you will not be able to attend at any time before the start of term. Students who are unable to be tested at any time during the week before term starts will be prioritised when they return on the first day.

Of course, whilst we recommend that all students are tested in our on-site facility, testing remains voluntary. Students whose parents do not consent will be able to resume school on Tuesday August 31st along with all other students.

Students will take a second test at school during the first week of term. After the second test, the DfE then recommends that students return to a twice weekly home test, just like we have been doing. We will issue new home testing kits at the start of term. The testing expectations will be reviewed by the DfE at the end of September.

I do hope you are able to have a good summer, and we look forward to welcoming our students back to UCC in late August. We will, of course, be in touch should the DfE guidance to schools change over the summer break.

Take care and have a good summer,