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On The Spot!

The latest edition of 'On The Spot' with Mrs Hirst...

Today we welcome Mrs Hirst who teaches business studies here at UCC...Mrs Hirst thought you would like to see a photo of her from her school days!

1. What's your perfect "day off"?

Leisurely breakfast involving American style pancakes, fruit and fresh coffee. A walk in the countryside with family. Read the newspaper and do some yoga. Basically not rushing out to work or to a child's football match.

2. Favourite ever box set?

Grace and Frankie.

3. What song most reminds you of when you were at secondary school?

Diana Ross "Chain Reaction" reminds me of dancing with my friends at the school youth club which was twice a week, run by the Head of Year 10 and the French teacher. Over to you Miss Achard and Miss Frayne!

4. What is the best excuse you have heard from a student for not doing their homework ?

My own son is an expert at avoiding homework and gives me lots of excuses and delaying tactics. They often involve a certain game called Fortnite...

5. What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Pembrokeshire. It's like Cornwall but without the crowds. Don't tell anyone.

6. If you could choose anyone, living or dead, which 3 people would you invite over for dinner, and why?

3 of my best friends so that we could laugh until we cry and our stomachs hurt.

7. Favourite season and why?

Spring. I love daffodils and fresh green colours.

8. What were you like at school?

I had an 80s perm and was too outspoken for my own good.

9. What's your favourite food?

Hand made dark chocolate from Cocoa Amore in Market Harborough. Fresh Gelato from Gelato Village in Leicester. Anything I eat in France.

10. You’re marooned on a deserted island; which 3 items would you wish to have with you, and why?

A tent, a comfy pillow and a good book to take my mind off being stuck on a desert island.

Great answers, thanks Mrs Hirst!