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Weekly Bulletin - 19/05/2023

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Dear UCC Families

As we approach the end of May, we near the teacher resignation deadline, which feels like the closing of the football transfer window. Teachers have to resign by May 31st if they wish to start a new teaching role in September and this causes schools substantial time pressures to fill vacancies, especially during a time when government teacher training targets are perennially missed and where the retention and recruitment of teachers nationally is a huge issue. Thankfully, our staff turnover is low; when people join UCC they don't often leave, and when we do have staff move on, they often come back! Our recruitment requirements have been modest so far this summer, and the teacher positions we have recruited to have been a result of our expanding PE and SEND offers, rather than replacing teachers who are leaving. We have recruited Miss T Hings to our PE team, who will be an excellent addition to an already exceptional department. Next week we are hoping to appoint a teacher to support our students who spend time in our Enhanced Resource Provision. I'm hoping by the time I write to you next Friday, I'll have a clear picture of our staffing for September and we can enter the final half-term of 22-23 fully staffed for the year ahead. 

Our assemblies have had to revert to video format due to our larger spaces being used for GCSE exams. This week we wanted to raise the awareness of gaming addiction. There is a great website for families to access information if you are concerned that your child's mental health might be detrimentally affected by gaming: Gaming & Mental Health | Parents Guide To Support | YoungMinds

Please take the time to read through the rest of the newsletter this week.

I hope you have a great weekend.
Mr B Solly