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Weekly Bulletin - 28 April 2023

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Dear UCC Families

This week our Modern Foreign Languages team were able to take a tour of our new building and scope out the progress made in the classrooms they will be teaching in next year. We are still on track to complete the project at the end of May, and we will spend the second half of the summer term moving in. If you have visited the school site this week you might have also noticed that the solar panels for the building have been installed this week, which will be our first step in generating our own energy in school. 

I've written to you several times this year to communicate our arrangements for the industrial action taken by the NEU. I am grateful for the patience, understanding and support of our UCC families, during a time when these strikes will have caused inconvenience and disruption. The sixth and final day of these strikes is next Tuesday and as I mentioned in my email to you yesterday, we will only have Key Stage 4 students in school. There are many issues that have contributed to the strike action, but the highest profile element of these has been teacher pay; the best explanation of this issue that I have seen was on the BBC News earlier this week, if you're interested in knowing more the link is here. 

Please take the time to read through the rest of the newsletter this week.

I hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend.
Mr B Solly