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Midsummer Night - Reviews

Please see some reviews by our students below...

Now that a Midsummer night's dream is over, we thought it would be nice to share some student reviews on how the production went, as well as take the change to say we have already started look at ideas for next year's production. So, keep an eye out for what we'll be doing next!

Review written by a principal cast Member:
I have thoroughly enjoyed portraying Oberon, the Fairy King and antagonist in the play. The leads including myself met after school every Tuesday to rehearse starting by blocking and then working our way through until we could perform our roles to the best of our abilities. I also had the opportunity to perform one of the three solos which intertwined with the events of the play. It was my very first chance to perform with the school due to lockdown, and I was interested in participating from the start. My favourite part of being in the show was firstly, being a part of a production far bigger than I've ever previously been in and secondly having the added challenge of Shakespearean language. I also got to know and befriend a number of students who I otherwise wouldn't have interacted with, which was amazing! There was never a dull moment at rehearsals, and we were truly working hard to meet the deadline. Mrs Perkins generously giving up as much time as possible to squeeze in every last moment we could and made sure we were confident with our roles. Although there were definitely no unpleasant moments for me during rehearsals or performing, I was definitely most nervous about singing. From the moment Mrs Perkins suggested it, it was at the forefront of my mind. However, I can honestly say I'm very glad I did it, as it gave me a real sense of achievement. Overall, I have loved every minute of working with my extremely talented co-actors, dedicated, knowledgeable director and, of course, the actual show. I very much look forward to auditioning for next year's performance and strongly encourage anyone who is interested to do so as well. I hope that everybody who watched it appreciated the efforts and energy everyone involved put in. I can't wait for next year's Performance.

Review written by ensemble cast member:
Being in the ensemble was different than I had expected it to be but was very fun. Participating as part of the ensemble was a lot less scripted than I had imaged, which was one of the elements I enjoyed the most. I liked that we weren't restricted by lines as we were able to be more creative. Another aspect I enjoyed was our costumes, as we were given strips of fabric and asked to create whatever we liked. I enjoyed all the various shades of green and all different textures we were given to work with. Once we had all created our costumes using the fabric, I enjoyed see what everyone else had done with their fabric. Some of us decided to create skirts that went around our waists, whereas others had created arm bands and sashes. Having everyone slightly different made our costumes more effective. Overall, I felt it was such a cool and fun experience and I would definately do it again. 

Review written by student audience member:
I thought it was a brilliant performance from the acting to the stage design. It was clear to see that a lot of hard work had gone into the whole production, and it defiantly paid off. I really enjoyed all aspects of the play, especially the musical elements which added a new dimension to the classic Shakespeare story. The whole atmosphere was brilliant, and I am very glad I got to experience the show.