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Weekly Bulletin 02/12/2022

Please see the latest bulletin from Mr Solly below...

Dear UCC Families

This week I will start with a really great intervention from a UCC student, who witnessed an accident in Uppingham last week. One of our students, Alice, witnessed a pupil from Uppingham School sprint out into the road and they were unfortunately hit by a car. Alice, calmly and maturely, dealt with the situation, supported the child (who did not sustain serious injuries) with some first aid skills and acted with a poise and assuredness well beyond her years. I received numerous emails and calls, praising Alice's actions and I felt that this was something I would like to publicly congratulate her for.

After an enforced break from Christmas concerts in the last few years, it is really great we are re-launching this on Monday next week. I'm looking forward to seeing our student performances; I know students and colleagues have been working hard during the past few weeks. 

As we move into the last 2 weeks of term, it is important for us to keep the standards and expectations at a high level. Sometimes students will try and push the boundaries with regard to the basics of uniform, punctuality, effort in lessons etc. The staff here will be maintaining the same demands of students as we had on 'day one' of this academic year and your support from home is a valuable and greatly received element of this being successful. 

Please take the time to read through the rest of the newsletter.

Have a great weekend,
Mr Solly