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Exceptional GCSE results for UCC students

Staff and students are celebrating an exceptional set of GCSE results at UCC this morning. We are extremely proud of how this cohort of students have applied themselves throughout a challenging period and how they have emerged with superb outcomes that will now propel them into their chosen post-16 pathway and beyond.

UCC students worked incredibly hard throughout a highly disrupted Key Stage 4 experience, demonstrating admirable levels of determination and resilience during these 2 crucial examination years.

The staff at UCC have done an amazing job in maintaining high standards of education during a time when prolonged lockdowns occurred and remote learning was enforced upon us. Even when schools re-opened there were times when high levels of staff absence due to Covid isolation threatened to compromise our ability to stay open. Thankfully we pulled together and ensured our students received an excellent education throughout this period; this is reflected in the very high standards students have achieved in their GCSE exams.

Schools are traditionally encouraged to publish GCSE headline figures or promote the results of students who have achieved the highest grades. However, during the past 2/3 years there has not been a level playing field in education; young people, their families and school communities have faced unique situations which make any comparisons between schools, or results from previous years, invalid and irrelevant. We have chosen not to make such publications today because we strongly believe that all students should be celebrated for their individual achievements. Each and every student will have faced their own challenges, barriers and set-backs, and we are immensely proud of all of them for persevering and doing their very best regardless of the obstacles they faced. It is easy to forget that the last ‘normal’ school year this cohort received was when they were in Year 8 in 2018/19. Every school year since then has been significantly disrupted and therefore the achievements of these young people, both in the outcomes of their GCSE results, but also the character they have demonstrated throughout this period should be highly commended.

To our class of 2022, you should be exceptionally proud of yourselves. I know you will go onto achieve incredible things with your lives. Well done and good luck for the future!


Mr Solly.