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Florence Bark needs your help

HELP raise £500,000 to fund potentially life-saving treatment for Corby girl

Florence, was a healthy and happy five-year-old until just a few weeks ago, when her and her family’s lives changed overnight. She felt unwell in the middle of the week and within a few days was sadly diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) starting chemotherapy the very same evening.  

Initially, we were told Florence would be in hospital until at least November receiving treatment. Unfortunately, her situation has since taken a turn and is deteriorating quickly. She urgently needs a bone marrow transplant but no match has been found to date. We’ve also found out that the likelihood of the transplant being successful is significantly lower for Florence as she is in a high-risk category due to a rare gene arrangement that affects less than 10% of children with AML – the worst luck given only 100 children a year are diagnosed with the AML to begin with.  

We are still hopeful. The first step is to find a donor in the next six weeks through raising awareness and getting more people on the donor register at This will give Florence the best chance of finding a match. If unsuccessful, the next step is car T-cell therapy. Regrettably, this is not available on the NHS and would require at least £500k for the treatment. As such, we have begun fundraising already at:  

We are making progress; people are kindly donating as well as organising their own local fundraising events, everything from race nights to cake sales. Whilst this is all contributing, we need more. I know times aren’t easy at the moment, the cost of living position is making things difficult, but if you can then please consider giving even a small donation. I also welcome all fundraising ideas, so please drop me a note or give me a ring if you have any suggestions. 

Thanks all for your support. 


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