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Parent Bulletin 14/01/2021

Please see the latest bulletin from Mr Solly below...

Dear parents and carers

We have continued our very positive start to 2022 with another excellent week at UCC. Year 11 have maintained their superb approach to the Pre Public Exams and it has been great to see all year groups working hard in lessons throughout the week. I always look out for students displaying our school values, particularly kindness, and on several occasions this week I have seen students supporting their peers in explaining certain concepts to their friends as they prepare for exams later in the day. There has been a palpable collective spirit of positivity amongst Year 11 throughout this week and this will stand them in good stead for the real exams in the summer. 

I am able to report that whilst national levels of Covid have remained high, the measures we are taking at UCC have kept the number of cases amongst the student body very low. This week we only had 16 positives Covid cases amongst our student population, which is the lowest figure since the start of September. The reintroduction of tighter Covid safety measures has certainly slowed the spread of the virus in school and these arrangements have protected the school community in a similar fashion to what we saw in 2020-21. The high levels of compliance we are observing amongst our student body is ensuring we can maintain excellent levels of attendance and most importantly, keeping people safe. We will continue to reinforce these key protective measures until the DFE review the guidance for schools, which we are expecting to happen on January 26th. In the meantime, we are very grateful for the support families continue to provide in the form of twice weekly testing and ensuring children attend school each day with all of their resources, uniform and a face covering. 

Please note, the most recent sets of lateral flow test kits we have been sent by the DfE are the 'older style' that requires both a throat and a nose swab - please read the instructions in the box carefully, as some of the other details are also different. If your child is unable to take a throat swab then please notify student services by e-mailing and we will supply your child with a nose only test kit. As a result of the Covid safety measures in school, along with the diligent approach to twice weekly testing from students and staff, we have not been in a position where we have had to send year groups home because of staffing shortages, as some schools across the country have had to do during the past fortnight. We have experienced staff absences this week as a result of Covid and non-Covid illnesses, but thankfully we have covered the classes required to ensure learning continues for our students. 

I have been amazed by the impressive array of extra-curricular activities on offer at the moment. This week we have delivered 5 dance clubs, fencing, squash, football, futsal, badminton, fitness, and inclusive sport clubs. It is great to see young people immersing themselves in the wider life of the school and enjoying these opportunities outside of the traditional classroom. Please encourage your child to get involved in some form of activity, as they are fantastic opportunities to make new friends and develop a wide variety of skills.

Please take the time to read through the Newsletter this week, so you are completely up to date with what has been occurring at UCC. 

Have a great weekend, take care.
Mr Solly