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Parent Bulletin 12/11/21

Please see the latest bulletin from Mr Solly below....

Dear UCC families

We have experienced another superb week in school and I have been so impressed with the focus and attitudes I have seen when visiting lessons throughout the week. It has also been wonderful to see students engaging in so many activities that have been in short supply throughout the pandemic. I have seen superb levels of participation in extra-curricular sport this week, but it is not just the sports field or sportshall where activities have been happening. It has been great to see extra- curricular activities occuring in English/reading, drama, chess, and Young Farmers. It is during these opportunities where young people forge friendships, whilst developing their confidence and many different social skills, all of which support their all round development. 

Throughout the week, Mr Anderson has been delivering assemblies which focus on the environment, and in particlar COP26. Our students have been incredibly interested in this topic and our student Eco group will be working with UCC staff to explore ways in which we can decarbonise our school and further develop our sustainable practices. One of our students, Ed Lever in Year 10, has been attending the Youth COP Summit as an ambassador and in the bulletin next week I am hoping to include a feature on the excellent work he has done on behalf of young people in Rutland. 

We are delighted to announce that our Covid-19 vaccines will take place in College on Monday 15 and Thursday 18 November.  Y10, Y11 and members of 9DL and 9GK will be seen on Monday, and the remaining Y9 and Y8 students (and those Y7s that are already 12) will be seen on Thursday. The team will only be vaccinating students whose parents have given consent previously and who have not previously received the vaccination elsewhere. Students will be given the timing of their vaccination in morning Notices on the relevant day. The vaccinations will take place in the Drama Studio and will be carried out by a team of practitioners organised by the School Age Immunisation Service. Please can students who are being vaccinated wear a PE top on the relevant day that they are being vaccinated - to make things slightly quicker and more comfortable.

Please take the time to read through the bulletin. I hope you have a great weekend.
Mr Solly