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Red Nose Day - Fri 19/03/21

Please find a list of all the activities taking place in year group zones tomorrow lunchtime:

Year 7:

  • Street of fun (knock cans over, magical dice, safe darts, sponge the teacher)
  • Straw Pull
  • Name the Monkey
  • Guess the number of sweets in the jar
  • Guess the teacher (photo competition)
  • Bucket-ball

Year 8:

  • Throwing sponges at Mr Sharp
  • Guess how many competitions
  • 8NH - complete 2000 press-ups in one school day (staff included)

Year 9:

  • Sponge throwing activity

Year 10:

  • Chocolate Raffle
  • Pin a red nose on Mr Rowan
  • Large name square activity
  • Lucky boxes" (pick a box and win a prize) 
  • Pick a number "lucky dip" 
  • Rocco and Oakley will be running around the field to see how fast they can do it and collecting donations/sponsorship. Field will be closed to other students. Students will have to observe from the Year 10 astro zone
  • Guess how many sweets in the jar
  • Wet sponge throwing activity 

Year 11:

  • unlucky boxes
  • penalty shootout on the astro

Please can students bring change in if possible (instead of notes) - we are unable to provide floats this year - due to no vending machines/cash being used in school, and change may become an issue. Thank you