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Safeguarding focus

The safeguarding focus for November is 'County Lines'.

We continue our safeguarding focus for the month of November - County Lines.

Our tip for this week (w/c 2 November) is for parents to KNOW what is meant by County Lines:

County lines is a form of criminal exploitation, in which criminals groom and manipulate children to sell drugs, often in towns outside their home county. It is a serious problem in the UK, its name comes from the mobile phone 'lines' that are used to control where the young person goes to deliver drugs.

46,000 children in England are thought to be involved in gangs. There is likely many more.

90% of English police forces have seen county lines activity in their area and the violence is getting worse.

Read a life account of one parent's shock at her young son being involved in County Lines…/county-lines-drugs-dealing-children-j…

Our tip for this week (w/c 9 November) is for parents to KNOW the signs and indicators of children being exploited by gangs. You can find a poster produced by the police (attached). As well as a video from Leicestershire police:

Our statistic for this week: The national Crime Agency reported that by 2019 there were more than 2,000 'deal lines' in the UK.

Finally, here is a link to a newspaper article, regarding how county lines affected one family. The article is distressing but we think it is so important for parents/carers to understand that this is an issue affecting students in rural areas and how damaging and spiralling this issue can become:…/Parents-despair-son-17-fell-w…