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A letter from our Chair of Governors

Please see a letter below from our Chair of Governors 

1st September 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I haven’t had many reasons to write to parents in the eight years I have been Chair of Governors at Uppingham Community College, but we find ourselves in highly unusual and challenging circumstances and I feel it is important you hear from me on behalf of the board of governors.

I would like to thank parents for the tremendous support that has been provided for staff and students following the terrible fire last week. The positive effect of your messages on the morale of the team cannot be underestimated.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Solly and his entire team for their amazing response to these challenging events. ‘Team UCC’ are now embarking on their recovery plan so it is safe for students to return to school, whilst resuming remote teaching for the next few weeks. I know the teachers will be working very hard to provide high quality learning resources online.

We have found the insurance team very supportive and they are assisting us in ensuring we have the resources to secure the safety of the site and resume our education provision as quickly as possible. I am sure you will appreciate, this is a highly complex task and it is essential that we establish a safe working environment before students return.

I have been very impressed with the effective communication from Mr Solly and his team throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and during this additional challenge following the fire. I am sure this regular communication will continue as the recovery plan takes shape and progresses.

It is important that the leadership team at UCC now have the opportunity to focus all of their time and energy into the recovery plan so that students can return to school as quickly as possible; I am sure you will continue to show them your support by allowing them to do this.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.

Yours faithfully

Mr G Thompson
UCC Chair of Governors