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Yr11 - a final message from Mr Solly

Please see a final farewell message from Mr Solly to you all...

Dear Year 11

I have written to you several times since the premature finale to your concluding term at UCC and now this letter is the final time I will write to you as a UCC cohort. Your year group have been truly magnificent throughout your time here and you are a huge credit to yourselves, your families and our school. For the three years I have worked with you, you have been a joy to teach and to lead and I know you will all go onto to achieve wonderful things in your lives. Some of you may be experiencing a strange feeling today as you are receiving examination results for tests that you did not sit. I can assure you though, that the outcomes we submitted for you all are accurate and were completed with the upmost integrity; you deserve nothing less.  

I am sure there will be much written about the 2020 cohort of young people in the press and media; some of it will be fair, measured and accurate, some of it will be headline grabbing nonsense. Do not let anyone tell you these results are meaningless, ill-deserved or invalid. These are your results, you earned them and you should own them. Be proud of them and be proud of your personal journey through school.  

I always say that examination outcomes are not the ‘be-all and end-all', they are only part of the story. They will open doors for your future education and career pathway and they are a reflection of the way you have developed through your academic studies, but they most certainly do not define who you are or what you can go on to achieve in your life; your actions, your decisions, and your attitude will always be the greatest influence on this. I place as much emphasis on young people developing into respectful, honest and kind individuals as I do on their academic achievements and I hope our school has been a positive influence in supporting your journey into adulthood. I want you to look back on your time at UCC and reflect on how we encouraged you to be a good person who contributes positively to the world around them.  

But today is about celebrating. It is about celebrating your GCSE results and the next steps in your lives. The results you receive today reflect the effort and application that you have invested into your studies over a five year period. Just because the final few months were cut short does not in any way discredit the years of endeavour that preceded them. The results you hold in your hands today should be celebrated by you and your family; you earned them, you deserve them and you should be proud of them. 

I would like to wish all the best in the future. Thank you for being such a fantastic year group, you will be missed by everyone here. 

Yours faithfully 
Mr B Solly