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Message to Yr11

Please see a message from Mr Solly below...

Dear Year 11 students (and parents/carers)

I hope this email finds you all safe and well.

Ofqual published guidance today on how exam results will be administered. We are going to be processing this information over the next few days and we will be working with our heads of department and teachers after Easter on how this will work at UCC. I would recommend you read through this guidance,  however, here are the main points:

  • Teachers will say what grade each candidate would likely have achieved in the summer, taking into account as much evidence as possible
  • For each subject, every candidate being suggested a grade has to then be ranked against all other students being suggested for the same grade (e.g. for students who we submit a grade 5 for in maths, we have to rank each of them with the most secure 5 at the top down to the least secure / closest to a 4 at the bottom).
  • Centres will have to submit this by 29 May
  • Schools must not reveal the teacher assessed grades to students or parents.
  • Results will be out at least by the normal date, if not slightly earlier
  • Students will be able appeal, and will be able to sit the exams at their earliest possibility if they’re unhappy with the grade given.

We are not setting any compulsory work for you to be completing, as you know. However I have asked our heads of department to upload some materials to SMHW that you can access if you want to. I have also previously highlighted the Open University courses that you can enrol on for free.

Harington School have sent us this link for any students who are intending to enrol there. They would like students to access these materials to help prepare for Year 12. Likewise, Melton Vale 16 have contacted their prospective students directly with information on how they can prepare for Year 12. 

Please see a message below from Melton Vale 16 for our Year 11 students:

‘MV16 will be releasing a ‘Flying Start Pack’ after the Easter Holidays to support Year 11 in their transition from UCC to Melton Vale and A level study.  At present we are keen for Year 11 to take care of themselves, stay safe and get over the shock of their early end of term.  We are looking at a variety of strategies to support you when our college reopens and look forward to warmly welcoming you.’

I appreciate that it must still remain a very strange situation for all of you. Stay safe, stay positive and keep your brains and bodies active. I hope you are able to have an enjoyable Easter.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Solly.