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Locker Allocation

Please read important information about lockers...

Please note this applies to existing students only.  ALL Year 7 students that start in September will have lockers available to them - further details will be sent out in due course.

Over recent weeks, we have been considering the future need of school lockers. After much discussion and consultation with students, it would appear that most are either rarely used, or not at all. We have approximately 1000 lockers occupying an enormous amount of space which could be better utilised. In addition to the lack of use, a high number of the lockers are in need of replacement. Obviously to replace these when they are not fully utilised would be a waste of College funds.

For these reasons, we will be reducing the number of lockers available.

From the start of the new academic year, lockers around the College will be allocated on a first come, first served basis each year. If $Forename$ would like a locker for 2019-20, please complete the attached form (link below) by 30th April 2019. A contribution of £5 per year will be required towards the upkeep of the locker plus a £5 refundable key deposit.  

Please complete the form for each child who would like a locker.