Year 11

Introduction from the Head of Year 11

Year 11 is perhaps the most important year for our students. It is the culmination of five years of work. Attainment may be tested through GCSE examinations, Controlled Assessments or through vocational portfolio work. Keeping on track is essential.

Good attendance (above 95%), hard work and commitment will lead to good exam results.

Good exam results open doors to higher education and future career opportunities.

Our Year 11 Pastoral Team is an experienced and talented group of individuals. Our Form Tutors take a keen interest in not only the academic progress of their form member’s lives but also in their social progress during this important year.

They are a valuable first contact point.

Academic progress is tracked on a regular basis and the results help to motivate pupils and keep parents informed of progress.  Our mentors work closely with students to help them achieve their academic targets, and our Student Support Team go the extra mile to provide a safe harbour and honest guidance for those who experience personal difficulty along the way.

In Year 11, students have important decisions to make about their future. Do they want to stay in full-time education, or perhaps start work and train while they earn? We provide an extensive programme of Careers work in our PSHE lessons and through a Post-16 Evening to help students with this, including guidance on writing job applications and preparing for interviews.

However it is just as important for year 11 students to take a break from academic work. We encourage students to get involved in a wide range of extra curricular activities (e.g. music or sport) and foreign exchange trips. A sense of balance is essential. Rest and recreation help our students to re-charge their batteries.

Our Year 11 students are also encouraged to take responsibility and share their experience as leaders within the UCC community. They run the College Council, offer support to younger students as Peer Mentors and organise competitions and fund-raising activities as House Captains.

Every pupil in year 11 has the ability to succeed. They just need to make sure they prepare thoroughly, work hard and aim high.

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