Skills Section

SKILLS - The Skills section is all about developing practical and social skills and personal interests. 

New Hobbies, Circus skills, Singing, Care of animals, Music, Church bell ringing, Agriculture, Conservation, Gardening, Games & sports, Cards (i.e. bridge), Chess, Fishing/fly fishing, Go-karting, Snooker, pool & billiards, Table games, Cookery, Driving/car maintenance/car road skills/motorcycle maintenance/road skills, First Aid/St John/St Andrew, Hair & beauty, Public speaking and debating, Archaeology, Astronomy, Bird watching, Collections, Comics, Fashion, Language skills, second language, Reading/Writing,Religious studies, Stamp collecting, Media & communication, Amateur radio, Communicating with people who are visually impaired, Communicating with people who have a hearing impediment, Film & video making, Building catapaults & trebuchets, Candle-making, Ceramics, Drawing, Egg decorating, Jewellery making, Lettering & calligraphy, Painting & design, Photography, Textiles, Woodwork...

We can offer some of these in the college during weekly enrichment and afterschool sessions.