Reporting to Parents

Reports and the Parents’ Evenings are intended to give you a picture of your child’s progress at particular points in the year. However please contact the school at any time if you have any concerns. A good way to do this is via email. You will find email addresses for all our teachers on the school website.


During this year you will receive 3 reports or profiles on your child’s progress and attitude to learning.

For Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 the Reporting schedule is:


Sent home in the week beginning:

Autumn Profile

Years 8 & 10

22nd November 2017

Years 7 & 9

29th November 2017

Spring Profile

Years 7 & 9

7th March 2018

Years 8 & 10

14th March 2018

Extended Summer Profile

Years 8 & 9

27th June 2018

Years 7

4th July 2018

Year 10

Start of Year 11

Year 11 has a different reporting pattern to the rest of the school


Sent home in the week beginning:

Autumn Profile

29th November 2017

Full Report

31st January 2018

Final Profile

29th March 2018


(Main Contact)

Please ensure we have your current email recorded

You will be given the opportunity to meet with teachers and discuss your child’s progress at a Parents’ Evening this year.

Year 11

8th February 2018

Year 10

30th November 2017

Year 9

15th March 2018

Year 8

26th April 2018

Year 7

12th July 2018

Appointments can be made using our online appointment system, details of which you will receive later in the year.

In addition, Year 7 have a Tutors’ Evening when parents can discuss how students have settled at the start of the new key stage. This will take place on Wednesday 6th December 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Reporting or Parents’ Evenings.

Mr W Brooks
Deputy Principal
Curriculum and Assessment