Fees, Funding & Food

The nursery fees are set at an hourly rate which currently includes breakfast, lunch and tea.
For your information, the fees may be subject to change at the discretion of the Governing Body.

For further enquiries on fees, call our team today on 01572 821210. 

2+ & 3+ Funding

2+ funding is available for families who meet certain criteria. Please speak to Kathryn Pullan for more information. The Government provides each child with 3+ funding, which is 15 hours per week of Early Years Entitlement (EYE). However, you do not have to take all of the allocated nursery hours. The hours can only be taken over 38 weeks (term time) and are free at the point of delivery. If your child attends more than one setting, you are allowed to choose how you want the funded hours to be divided. 2 year old funding and extended 30-hour funding is also available - please speak to the nursery manager.


Meals are prepared in the Uppingham Community College’s kitchen, with a variety of different specials, and homemade dishes and desserts made fresh everyday. We work closely with the UCC kitchen to ensure that we provide a wholesome healthy variety of food, catering for all the dietary needs of your child. Breakfast is served to your little one on arrival to the nursery, where they can choose their favourite cereal or toast. Lunch is usually the College special of the day, and high tea is prepared in the nursery kitchen; this includes sandwiches, pittas, wraps and crackers alongside fresh fruit and vegetables. This attention to every aspect of your child’s nutrition is what makes Upp-Starts a nursery you can trust!