Expedition Section

EXPEDITION - Going on an expedition gives you the chance to have an adventure, work as a team, and act on your own initiative. The expedition can be as far away or as close to home as you want it to be, and there are hundreds of ways you can go about it. 

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On foot: Study insect life. Explore teamwork by nominating a different leader each day. Search for forms of fungi, record and sketch them. Plan a route around places that inspired poems. Consider the impact of tourism on the flora and fauna. Draw the different star constellations you can see. 
By bicycle: Use the cycle systems to undertake a research project on the provisions and quality of cycle paths around Britain. Produce a nature guide for future visitors. Do a cycle of remembrance, taking in the historic wartime sites. Create a video diary of the expedition, recording each team member’s experiences. 

By canoe or kayak: Record wildlife. Take a series of photos to create a guide. Investigate samples of the river bed en route and comparing them with each other. Choosing several points along a river and measure speed of flow, width and depth and comparing the differences en route, trying to explain why this may be. 
On horseback: Plan an expedition on horseback in the countryside. Explore accessibility and bridle paths in the Brecon Beacons. Plan an expedition with sea views. Note the different types and ages of trees. 

We can offer ON FOOT expeditions and can investigate others.