Design & Technology

Aims & Objectives

 In Design and Technology at UCC, students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to think creatively and to solve problems as individuals and members of a team.

Working in stimulating contexts that provide a range of opportunities and draw on the local ethos, community and wider world, students identify needs and opportunities. They respond with ideas, products and systems, challenging expectations where appropriate. They combine practical and intellectual skills with an understanding of aesthetic, technical, cultural, health, social, emotional, economic, industrial and environmental issues. As they do so, they evaluate present and past design and technology, and its uses and effects.

Through design and technology students develop confidence in using practical skills and become discriminating users of products. They apply their creative thinking and learn to innovate.


 The Design & Technology Department provides an exciting array of engaging projects in a wide variety of material areas. All students are encouraged to use practical and technological skills with creative thinking to aid their design realisation throughout the Key Stages.

Students are provided with the opportunity to explore and investigate practical skills, to enhance their understanding and work independently through a nationally recognised innovative approach.

The curriculum is delivered in state of the art facilities. Use of CAD/CAM Manufacturing equipment in all areas has enabled students to manufacture high quality final products. Rapid Proto-typing, Laser cutting, Dye sublimation and the latest Blast chiller technology equipment have enabled all students to experience new technologies and access relevant industrial standards, keeping UCC Design & Technology at the cutting edge.

KS3 Curriculum

The Design & Technology and Art curriculum uses the purpose of study and aims of the national curriculum and follows its subject content. The students are on a carousal and learn throughout  all areas.

KS3 Curriculum Map

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Resistant Materials & Structures, Health & Safety



Workshop skills, manufacturing production



CAD/CAM manufacture, bio-mimicry and generating ideas


Food & Nutrition.

Cooking skills and the Eat-well plate, Health & Safety


Food & Nutrition.

Nutrients and health



Food & Nutrition.

Food from around the world, cultural influences


Art & Design.

Drawing and Mixed Media


Art & Design.

Print and Sculpture


Art & Design.

Collage, photography and mixed media

Textiles and Fashion.

Textile materials and skills


Textiles and Fashion.

Textile skills and application


Textiles and Fashion.

Textile product development


Graphic products.

CAD, Packaging and Designer influences


Graphic products.

Graphics and paper mechanisms


Graphic products.

CAD Design and Solidworks, 3d printing





Iterative design and understanding forces and motion

See detailed KS3 Curriculum Map (.pdf)


KS4 Curriculum

At KS4 the department follows the AQA Design & Technology –Product Design specification, the AQA Design & Technology (teaching from September 2017) and the Eduqas Food & preparation Specification.

Students who have opted for the subject will have five lessons a fortnight and will cover all aspects of the programmes of study set out in the specifications listed above through a range of projects and practical tasks.

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