Careers Education

Information and Guidance

In the Careers Department we have no magic formula to tell a student which career he or she should follow. Instead, our aim is to enable students to make their own well informed realistic decisions about their future plans. In order to do this we guide them towards the information available about colleges, universities or careers. This includes prospectuses, books and magazines in the Careers Library; information on the internet; and advice given by the staff.

Students are introduced to the Careers Library in Year 7 during PSE. Although we do not expect Year 7s to know precisely what they want to do in the future, it is never too early to begin pursuing a dream!

In Year 8, students spend a theme day involved in the Careers Activity ‘The Real Game’. This is a well-respected and enjoyable simulation in which students have an imaginary job; they then go through the process of matching their monthly outgoings with their monthly wage. It is often the first time that they understand how costly it is to live!

In Year 9 students have to choose their Options. Careers lessons focus on this, encouraging students to think ahead to college and/or university in order to choose wisely. We have a variety of activities to help them, including speakers from a wide range of vocations. We also have “Industry Day” when we take students out to visit different industries.

At Key Stage 4 we focus on learning about work, through work and for work. Our main event in Year 10 is Work Experience, which takes place at the end of the summer term. Students are encouraged to go out into the work place to experience working within an adult environment for roughly 2 weeks. We have a series of lessons, and a theme day delivered by an outside agency to prepare them for this really valuable experience. We are delighted that more and more students are carrying out Work Experience abroad: we currently have a programme to provide work placements in Germany and Spain.

Year 11 is devoted to ensuring that our students are prepared for the move to college or into work based learning at the end of the year. Students are offered individual interviews, or small group sessions to prepare them for this transition.

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