Principal's Weekly Bulletin

Dear parents and carers

What a fantastic year we’ve had at UCC! It is hard to know where to start; there have been so many successes that if I tried to start listing them all then this bulletin would be far too long and I would probably miss something important out!  Instead it is just worthwhile reflecting on a year where our students have immersed themselves superbly in the wide range of opportunities available to them both within the curriculum and outside of it. A great example of this recently has been analysing the feedback from employers who hosted our Year 10 students for their work experience. The comments about our students have been so positive and I have been really impressed with the way Year 10 have applied themselves.

First year

My first year as Principal of UCC has gone very quickly and it has been such an incredibly enjoyable time. I qualified as a teacher back in 2004 and this has been my favourite year so far in teaching. I have loved getting to know the staff and students at UCC and it has been a privilege to lead such a brilliant and dedicated group of people.

Goodbye and thank-you

Today we say goodbye to a number of staff who are moving onto pastures new. Of particular note is Mr Knight who started here as a Newly Qualified Teacher in 1987 and has amassed an impressive 31 years at UCC, completing a variety of key roles within the school. The following staff are leaving today and we wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavours:

Mr Knight

Mrs Ashby

Miss Walker

Mrs Worthington

Mrs Cooley

Mrs Robson

Mrs Burton

Mrs Horton

Mrs Williams

Mrs Jordan

Welcome to Team UCC

In September we welcome a number of new teachers to UCC, who are listed below:

Mr K Krawczynski – teacher of maths

Mrs D Wailes – teacher of maths

Miss S Johnson – teacher of English

Mr M Sharp – teacher of science

Miss J Bartle – teacher of PE (maternity cover)

In addition to this, it is worth pointing out that Miss Nash-Walker successfully completed her teacher training this year and officially begins her teaching career as a Newly Qualified Teacher in 2018-19. Additionally, Miss Kovacevic who has worked here as a teaching assistant for the past few years embarks on her teacher training year with us in the drama department in September. 

We also welcome a number of teaching assistants to our SEND team:

Miss K Brawn

Miss M Copley

Mrs K Walker

Uniform updates

Over the past few weeks we have allowed students to opt not to wear their blazers and ties in the hot weather. On the first day of term next academic year I expect students to be in full school uniform and looking very smart.

Our uniform policy states that black shoes are the only acceptable footwear and I chose not to tackle the issue of some students wearing black trainers earlier in the year as I felt it was unfair on families to have to buy new shoes at the start of the academic year. However, from the start of 2018-19 I expect all UCC students to be wearing black shoes. We see a minority of students in footwear from well-known sports and fashion brands that are black but which are trainers and not shoes; these are not acceptable. Please ensure your son/daughter has the correct footwear by the start of the next academic year. Please note, this is not a new policy, I am simply ensuring we are now consistently applying the one that has been in place for a number of years.

Regarding earrings; we will only accept students wearing a maximum of 2 simple stud earrings per ear. No sleepers or hooped earrings are allowed for health and safety reasons. Finally, make-up – I met with school council earlier in the year to discuss this and subsequently I have made a change to our policy. We stated previously that no make-up was permitted, however based on student feedback and consultation this is now changing to a ‘small amount of subtle make-up is allowed’.

Year 11 Student Leadership Team

I had the pleasure of interviewing 24 students recently from Year 10, who will go on to form our Student Leadership Team in 2018-19. Adam O’Brien and Gigi McQuiggan were appointed as Head Students with Lucy Kendall, Elsa Cooke, Ryan Walsh and Will Deely as Deputy Head Students. The remaining student leaders all have specific responsibilities that will enable them to help shape our school and these opportunities will provide them with fantastic leadership experiences. I am looking forward to working with them next year and I know they will be fabulous role models for other UCC students to look up to.

And finally…

I hope you all enjoy a fabulous summer. Thank you for your continued support of UCC and I look forward to working with you in 2018-19.

Mr Solly