Osprey Project

On Friday 9 March the Cookie Club was delighted to welcome the Rutland water Osprey Project to UCC.

This is practical conservation in action and a real success story at a time when so much of the natural world is struggling to cope with the damage humans are inflicting on it.

Led by Ken Davies and supported by Rebecca Pitman students listened to a talk about how the Ospreys are re-colonising lowland Britain following their persecution in centuries past. Students learnt the causes of their persecution as well as what changed in people’s attitudes.

Reference was made to how economically important the birds are for the local economy as well as referencing the challenges of managing the habitat in a way that allows businesses such as fisheries to continue.

Students got to see bird tags as well as looking at the GPS tracks of birds as they migrate from Rutland to the Iberian Peninsula and Senegal and the Gambia.

We luckily already have Anna and Jocelyn in year 7 who work as Osprey Ambassadors and we hope that as a result of this talk more students will get involved in this global conservation project with a very local element.