What a Start!

The first Cookie Club of the year took off in illustrative style as Nathan Shelton ran a Master Class for budding graphic illustrators in Years 7, 8 and 9 on the 9th of February 2011 after school. Nathan is the brains and talent behind Ant Creations, an Illustration and Graphic Design Company from Market Harborough who specialize in unique vector based artwork. The students had the rare opportunity to learn new skills and experience the real role of an illustrator. The students were challenged with the task of creating a UCC character, some of which can seen here. Nathan is returning in March for the students to finish off their work.

Rocks & Rough Diamonds

This was the title of the workshop which some Year 8 students took part in recently. The first activity got everyone licking their lips because they modelled the rock cycle using chocolate, in fact three different types of chocolate. The students weathered the chocolate using knives and then transported the chocolate bits to be heated. Some of the chocolate never made it to the molten phase (the chocolate around some peoples mouths were a bit of a give away).

From the rock cycle to the uses of different types of rock through the ages culminating in the students making rock charms and writing a certificate of authenticity for there chosen rock.

This workshop was provided by Education and Business Partnership.

Multi-Cultural Day

On Friday 25th June 2010, Uppingham Community College hosted a Gifted and Talented day for a number of its Year 8 Students as well as those from Casterton Business and Enterprise College and Catmose College, Oakham.

This was an opportunity for the students from CBEC, Catmose and UCC to work with other high ability students in the county and provided challenging and stretching activities including the learning of Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

The ‘Multicultural Day’ also gave participating students the chance to engage in some Japanese Drama and Asian Art and finished with an inspiring Assembly to their peers. The activities were also designed to allow the students to be innovative, creative and enterprising.

Feel The Heat

Year 9 Science Gifted and Talented Day at UCC

This event was attended by students from all three Rutland Secondary Schools.

This day was designed to appeal to creative scientists who enjoy hands on activities and to show them that heat can be cool!

The day started with a team event to get them warmed up, this enabled students from the different schools to share and discuss their ideas reach a consensus and report back after watching a number of science demonstrations. These included the pig that wasn’t really there and a tuneful contribution from an alka seltzer tablet and a  vodka bottle.

With brains now simmering students progressed through a circus of activities on a similar theme.

They had the opportunity to calibrate a thermometer. Students came up with their own methods, marked a scale on a blank thermometer which was then tested for accuracy. Thermochromic paint changes colour at a certain temperature. Students had to find the transition temperature and then come up with an innovative use for the paint. There were some great ideas ranging from fire doors to chocolate bar wrappers. They then had to paint a design on a mug to promote their idea. Thermocolour film was the basis for the final activity. These sheets change colour depending on the temperature. Students attached various gauges of resistance wire to the back of the film, they made predictions as to what they would see and then tested them by passing a current through the wire. Evaluating the evidence and revisiting their predictions enabled them to use those higher level skills.

The students involved enjoyed the range of activities on offer here are a few quotes from the evaluation forms:
“The thermochromic paint activity allowed me to be creative”.
“I enjoy problem solving so I liked calibrating the thermometer, I was impressed at how accurate it was”.
“The thermochromic film really got us thinking because what we thought would happen didn’t”.

The final session of the day was perhaps the most challenging where the groups of students had to come up with a link for the three activities and present them.

We were all worn out by the end of the day students and staff. We had a fantastic time so thank you to all who were involved and a special thank you once again to Helen Pollard for helping make the day the success it was.