Controversial Sociology talk by Jane Pilcher

On the 24th November the Cookie Club enjoyed a talk from Jane Pilcher which challenged students to think about the way they see the constructs of society. She began with a look at the meaning of childhood with the prop of a rocking horse to reveal that our images of infancy are both recent and geographically dependant social constructs. In her second section she showed how our perception of time was influenced by the societies we live in and how industrialisation has created the way we perceive the temporal dimension.

In her last section the students were enthralled as she revealed the “gendering”  of everyday items and discussed the controversial topics of gender equality in marketing and economics. 

As always UCC students were not just passive listeners but engaged and asked many questions or put forward alternative explanations. Jane noted that our students were well informed and already had a broad depth of knowledge.

Jane has agreed to do another talk as a follow up and we certainly look forward to welcoming her back.