Friday 14th October 2016

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I am delighted that the first term has gone so well and that all our new staff and students have settled in so well.

I would be grateful if you could take the time over the holidays to ensure that your sons and daughters are fully equipped for school and have a sensible school coat to see them through the next few months. I know that adolescents and coats are not a natural partnership but it is preferable to sitting and steaming gently in lessons having arrived at college with a soaking wet blazer.

The French and Spanish exchanges have concluded with both sides enjoying the experience. It is quite daunting, inviting a stranger into your home and overcoming language barriers but many long lasting friendships results from these partnerships.

A final reminder that the opportunity to see the preview of Kayleigh's Love Story is on the first Monday back at 6-00pm in the Drama Studio. A preview is available on but you MUST let us know if you DO NOT want your child to see the film BEFORE the 2nd November. Silence will assume consent.

Please find attached a copy of important information in the event of bad weather/school closures.

I hope that you have a very enjoyable half term - College reopens on Monday, 31st October.

Jan Turner