Friday 23rd September 2016

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I am delighted to report that this week we received our award as a Leadership Academy for the work we do with our students to develop leadership in sport and other areas. We have been recognised for our exemplary practice and more details of the award can be found on the website. Leadership Academies act as beacons of good practice to other organisations in their local area. They not only deliver Sports Leaders UK's awards and qualifications with high levels of success and enthusiasm, but by meeting the criteria, these organisations have a very positive impact on the local community with regards to increased voluntary hours, community placements and events.

I have been extremely pleased with the way that the students have settled into the new term and are already applying themselves to their studies. The occasional issues with uniform that we always experience at the start of the year are now resolved, though I will remind everyone that we expect school shoes, not canvas shoes or trainers, school trousers, not jeans or other material and make up/jewellery is kept to a minimum with small plain studs only for earrings, no other facial piercings. We are always happy to discuss financial support should the purchase of any of these items be problematic.

Next week is very busy with the Year 11 Berlin trip out and Open Evening on Thursday and I would like to thank you in advance for your support as always in being the ’taxi drivers’  who allow the students to take part in all the many activities we offer.

Jan Turner