Friday 15th July 2016

Dear Parent(s) & Guardian(s),

An email was sent out to all Year 9 parents on Tues 12th July informing them of the GCSE Science course their son/daughter will be following in year 10 (Combined or Triple). Please let the college know if you did not receive this information.

Parents of Current Year 9 and Current Year 10.

In September we will be running two “Supporting Success” evenings in order to share important information with you about your children’s GCSE courses.  Thursday 8th September for new Year 11 and Thursday 15th September for new Year 10.  The sessions will start at 6pm and will last no more than 1 hour.  We will be sharing with you information about assessment procedures, the new grading system and tips on how to support your child with their study / revision.  There will also be the opportunity to view the revision guides that are currently available as well as equipment sold in the school shop, including the recommended calculator. All of which you will then be able to order through Wise Pay.

You may be aware of the new game "Pokemon Go" which is a GPS based reality game played on Android or iPhones.  It has been released in some places in the world, being extremely popular in America, and is likely to be formally released here within a week or so. There are some concerns over this as it encourages users to go to certain places, where they will meet up with other ‘gamers’. As Pokemon was originally marketed at children there is potential for this to be used inappropriately. This is just for your information.

Jan Turner

Highlights for next week


  • 18/7 Year 10 Work Experience debrief
  • 18/7 Year 7&8 Activity Day
  • 18/7 Year 9 Industry visits
  • 19/7 Awards assemblies
  • 19/7 College closes – 2-15pm
  • 1/9 Autumn Term begins [I thought you might like that!]