Friday 29th April 2016

 Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope that many of you were able to see the college production if The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this week. It was a fantastic show with brilliant acting, singing and dancing and many congratulations are due to the fantastic student performers and staff for working so hard to present this.

Congratulations to Nathan Hall in Year 10 who has been accepted on to the Leicester–Shire and Rutland Elite Sports Leadership Academy.

Mr Anderson has this week been giving information to the students about the work that teachers have been doing to develop formative assessment in the classroom. It would be interesting for you to have a chat about this with your sons and daughters. There is a great deal of research published recently which proves certain activities at home support children’s achievement. None of these will be very new to you but you might like the last bullet point!

  • The use of interesting and complex vocabulary
  • Discussions about school progress
  • Feedback that is specific and praises effort
  • Conversations about external events
  • Encouragement to read for a range of purposes
  • Cultural activities such as visiting libraries, museums, historic sites
  • Encouragement to develop hobbies
  • Encouragement to question
  • Encouragement to try out new things
  • Establishment and valuing of learning routines
  • Support in practising sport, music or dance
  • Opportunities and encouragement to undertake everyday household tasks.

Of course there is a common strand to all of these activities – talk.

Jan Turner

Highlights for next week


  • 2/5    Bank Holiday
  • 3/5   Year 7 to The Granting of the Freedom of Uppingham
  • 4/5   Year 8/9 girls HPV Vaccination
  • 5/5   Cambridge University Seminar – Ancient Greece
  • 5/5   Governors Personnel meeting