UCC Top Trumps Children in Need!

On the 17th of November, it was Children in Need and at UCC there were a lot of activities, one of which was top trump 1v1’s in the maths block. About 10 people came and had a go, with all having great fun.

The stall was run by Hayden from Sinclair house in year 8. The prize for winning your round was two packets of Haribos. There was a great variety of card types, from Ben 10 to Top Gear.

We both played a game against each other. It was a very back and forth game but in the end Ben came out on top. It was 50p each for a game and it was worth it as the games were very long and intense, which made it very enjoyable. We played the Top Gear pack which had all different types of cars in it.

If you don’t know what Top Trumps is, it’s a game where one person says a category and whoever has the best number wins the other player’s cards. The person who gets all the cards wins. It was great fun and really helped the school raise money. Hopefully our school helped change some people’s lives. And next year will be even better!

By Thomas and Ben

Year 8