Friday 13 October 2017

It has been a busy and eventful first half term here, but I have absolutely loved it. I said on open evening, in my speech to prospective parents, that out of all the roles I have held in schools, my first half term at UCC has been the most enjoyable and rewarding. We should be really proud of everything we have achieved together during these past 7 weeks, especially the Ofsted inspection within the first 10 days of the academic year!

There has been so much going on that it is impossible to mention everything in one short bulletin. However, we will be sending out a newsletter in November celebrating our achievements and activities from the first half term. As parents and carers I would urge you to encourage your sons and daughters to take advantage of the superb range of activities on offer outside the classroom. I firmly believe that extra-curricular participation has a hugely positive effect on the development of young people and from my own personal experience, my fondest memories of school were when teachers took me to sports fixtures or encouraged me to get involved in clubs at lunch time and after school.

LOWER 2018 SKI TRIP PARENT MEETING:  There will be a meeting Monday, 6th November   6 - 7pm  in the Maths block.

I hope you are all able to enjoy some quality time together as a family over the two week half term break.

Mr Solly